While many things are changing at Carlton & United Breweries, our deep commitment to effective management of our environmental and social impacts remains as strong as ever.


Carlton & United Breweries has continued to concentrate on sustainability improvement. There were many achievements in the areas of people, environment and the community.

We continued to improve our health and safety performance with the Recordable Case Injury Frequency Rate and Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate further improving during 2011. There were no deaths or permanent disabling injuries over the year.

Our focus on water and energy efficiency continued to drive improvement, with many projects saving both energy, greenhouse gas and water. Our Cascade Brewery saw the realisation of its boiler upgrade. The conversion to natural gas contributed towards reducing site greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%. Carlton & United Breweries improved its water efficiency by 6.17% from 2010, and since 2007 our cumulative water efficiency performance increased by 11.66% against a target of 10%. Our cumulative energy efficiency performance improved by 5.13% against a 10% target.

The Carlton & United Breweries Procurement Sustainability Program continued to focus on the sustainability of our suppliers. All potential suppliers must now pre-qualify against sustainability criteria built into Carlton & United Breweries ARIBA procurement tool. A satisfactory standard must be reached by all suppliers on criteria covering their activities on greenhouse gas, energy and water use minimisation as well as their approach to the ethical and social issues in their own and their suppliers operations. Any supplier that does not pre-qualify is not eligible to participate in any sourcing activity for Carlton & United Breweries.

Carlton & United Breweries also continued its community investment program during 2011 with more than $7.1m invested in our communities, through community grants and other activities.

During the coming year, we will focus on re-calibrating our sustainability program to ensure it is re-energised to carry us forward over the next few years.

For more information on SABMiller's 10 Sustainable Development priorities, please click here.

2011 Sustainability Report

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