14 February 2009

Sacked Foster's Volunteers to be Offered Jobs

Foster’s today apologised unreservedly for the impact recent decisions have had on three CFA volunteers.

The CFA volunteers have been contacted this morning and every effort will be made by new maintenance contractor, ABB Australia Ltd (ABB) to place them in a job on comparable terms and conditions either at the Abbotsford Brewery or in the broader ABB business.

“It is a truly horrible accident of timing and we are sincerely sorry for the impacts on these volunteers”, Foster’s Spokesman, Troy Hey said. “We’re very pleased that ABB have offered to assist the volunteers to return to the brewery or similar site.”

The volunteers were called by site management on Thursday and informed of the agreement of a new maintenance contract that affects the employment of 115 brewery maintenance workers. All affected employees will be offered full redundancy payments and other entitlements.

“Our thoughts remain with those impacted by these terrible fires,” Troy said. “We will continue to distribute drinks, provide financial assistance, leave and support to volunteers and the families of those affected.”

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