Cougar authentic sour mash bourbon is distilled from the highest quality ingredients and aged for a minimum of 5 years in charred oak barrels.

From the makers of fine bourbon whiskey since 1865 Cougar bourbon is distinctively smooth and unique in flavour and characteristic.

Cougar XS
Cougar Bourbon Extra Proof. A slightly sweet vanilla wood flavour with a well balanced smooth finish. This authentic sour mash whiskey is made according to a unique recipe is distilled using limestone filtered water and a mash-bill of carefully selected corn, rye and barley.

Cougar XS Bourbon is produced in Lawrenceburg USA and aged in new charred American oak barrels.

Cougar RTD range includes:

Cougar Bourbon and Cola
Cougar Bourbon blended with cola produces a smooth easy drinking bourbon and cola with real, rich flavour.

Cougar Bourbon and Dry
Cougar authentic sour mash bourbon mixed with dry ginger ale to create a smooth bourbon and dry.

Cougar Bourbon Zero
Cougar authetic sour mash bourbon blended with sugar free cola for those seeking a ‘no sugar’ alternative.

Cougar XS and Cola
Cougar authentic sour mash bourbon extra proof blended with cola for an easy drinking bourbon with smooth, rich flavour.

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