Carlton & United Breweries (CUB)

Carlton & United Breweries origins date back to 1854 when Australia’s most popular beer, VB, was first brewed in Melbourne by the Victoria Brewery. Its namesake, the Carlton Brewery, was established soon after. Separately, the Foster’s brand was born in 1888 when two brothers from the United States, William and Ralph Foster, first brewed Foster’s Lager in Melbourne. These icons in Australian brewing came together in 1907 and ever since then Carlton & United Breweries brands have enjoyed a pre-eminent position in Australian brewing.    

Today, Carlton & United Breweries maintains its links with Australia’s brewing heritage whilst building a portfolio of favourites through new product innovation.  

Carlton & United Breweries is Australia’s largest brewer, with more than 50% market share of the off-premise beer category. Carlton & United Breweries has an alcohol beverage sales team of significant scale servicing over 17,000 customers across the on-premise and off-premise channels.A national brewing, logistics and sales network delivers to over 20,000 customers including hotels, clubs, liquor stores, restaurants and bars.


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